***Follow these simple steps to request that VCFS Provide EI Services for your child***

  • If you live in Philadelphia and you feel that your child between the ages of 0-3 is demonstrating a delay in speech or any other area of development, contact the

             Infant Toddler EI Program at (215) 685-4646 or use the following link:


  • An MDE (Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation) will be scheduled for you within 30 days and during this evaluation you will have the opportunity to request Village Care Family Services as your preferred service provider. You will then be connected with our personable and experienced staff to help your child reach their developmental milestones. 
  • For children between the ages of 3-5, contact Elwyn Seeds at (215) 222-8054 and follow the same steps. 

We look forward to working with you and your child!

Questions or Concerns: Call (215)879-4023